Furniture Solutions

Cupboards, drawers, shutters

We offer a wide range of furniture solutions. This includes a wide range of styles, materials, surface finishes and functions. For almost 100 years now, we have been providing tailor-made products and new solutions – with a focus on safety, function and aesthetic.

Furniture Solutions - Locks - turning handles - Schlossfabrik Heusser


Locks and turning handles 

As well TERZA, which was developed by Schlossfabrik Heusser AG and became the best-selling espagnolette lock in Switzerland, our range includes solutions for standard furniture as well as custom pieces, e.g. cupboard shutters and other customer-specific safety solutions.

Over the decades, our range has been constantly expanded and developed to include fire safety and electronic access systems.


Long-Lasting and Secure Parts

Our products have proven their worth over many years of successful use in commercial and public buildings as well as private homes. The reliable function of each component is the focus of any development work.


User-Friendly Products

We have been able to constantly develop our solutions through years of exchange with our customers.

User-friendliness is always a top priority – not just in daily use, but also during the planning and construction processes.


Examples of Use