Door Solutions

Burglar-Proof Doors, Fire Safety Doors, Emergency Exit Doors, Sliding Doors

For doors in particularly challenging environments, we focus on two areas in which we can offer a wide range of reliable, tested products.

Door Solutions - Burglar-Proof Doors - Fire Safety Doors - Emergency - Exit Doors

Inset Locks

High-Quality, Flush-Mounted, EN 179 Tested

Inset locks have many uses, and have long since moved on from the sports halls they were originally designed for. Nowadays, these fittings can be found in many large buildings: pass doors in large sliding gates, fire compartment doors, sliding doors, in multi-purpose halls and concert halls. They’re also used wherever space is at a premium, in the side doors on an emergency exit route, and for many other applications.

Door Solutions - Burglar-Proof Doors - Fire Safety Doors - Emergency - Exit Doors

Standard inset locks such as the model 653S are used as flush-mounted door fittings. The minimal insertion depth allows versatile use in a range of different door thicknesses.

Tested in accordance with DIN EN 179, Heusser’s versatile inset lock models 655S and 656S42 offer a wide range of uses. As flush-mounted fixtures, they are used in sport centre doors or sliding doors where a flush finish is required for user safety during sports or to allow a sliding door to glide into the wall properly.

As an inset emergency exit door fitting with an overhang of just 26mm, this version is ideal when there isn’t much space between the door and wall or for a door on an emergency exit route, as the inset design prevents clothing or bags from becoming caught.

Hinge Safety Catches

Safety in Case of Fire or Burglary

As well as simple door hinge safety catches for standard doors, our tested RC3 door hinge safety catches provide a high level of safety – by protecting against theft as well as reducing the burden on hinges in the case of fire. 

RC3 door hinge safety catches have been developed in collaboration with the VSSM (the Swiss Association of Joiners and Furniture Manufacturers) and is part of the VSSM module for exterior doors.