Founded in 1921 

After being founded in 1921, this family company is now being successfully run by the fourth generation in the canton of Bern. Our employees’ loyalty and motivation guarantee that you will experience a collaborative partnership with Schlossfabrik Heusser AG over the coming years.

Schlossfarbik Heuser - EN 179 - Brandschutz -TERZA Beschläge - Digitale Olive



We make your tools. So you can rest assured that all parts are perfectly suited to the production process. Depending on the size of your lot, it will be produced using:

  • Processing centres
  • Punching machines with up to 315 tonnes of pressing power
  • Plastic injection moulding machines with up to 90 tonnes of clamp force



Of course, you’re also in good hands even if you don’t want to reinvent the lock. Heusser make the best-selling espagnolette lock in Switzerland, the TERZA. And you’ll also find great-quality doorknobs. Or modern furniture knobs. Either way, competent advice is guaranteed.